---Our Website Designing methodology consists of 5 Phases:


To build any website we first need to understand our customer requirements. Which includes knowing there target website audience and what information they would like to post on their website.

Hence to address all the above requirements at WebXion we have designed “Requirement Capturing Form” Once our customer fills in required information and send us response via email, we move one step closer to build their website.

This requirement capturing could be done in a single-go with all information required to build website is available and shared with us or we could have multiple conference calls/meetings and capture information accordingly to move to next phase of scope finalization.


Scope Finalization ensures that WebXion will only deliver and build website what customer is excepting to have. Which means this phase will also help us to build website meeting customer's specific requirement and ensures within defined timeframe website is ready to go-live.

Scope of website building is highly dependent on key factors like budget of a project, time frame allocated and amount of information been shared by customer during requirement capturing phase.

Once all negotiations are completed and both parties are satisfied with the scope of work, service charges and time frame, you would need to complete and return the "Acceptance / Contract Form" electronically and a deposit of 50% is required at this stage (conditions apply)


During this phase we would be doing planning in terms of which information to be posted on web-pages. What more can be done to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Planning of website would be within the boundaries of Scope document. Planning & Designing phase would be managed and controlled internally by WebXion.

During Design phase we would be building preliminary layout of website showing the design, position of illustrations and text prior to the final reproduction of webpage to customer.

Please note we only provide up to 2 preliminary layouts alternatives


During this phase, final version of the website would be build by web designer, copy writer and graphic designer based upon approved preliminary layout by client.

Once build, customer website would be loaded on the testing server which customer can also review online. And once entire website contents, links, programming codes have passed the quality test. Completion of testing phase would be announced.


Based on customer approval of the Phase 4 - Development & Testing, the remaining 50% of payment is required at this stage. This phase requires the migration from the Development Site to the Live Site. Works are carried through to ensure all contents are accurate and as per your requirements.

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